Dani Bachinger

Dani Bachinger


The gal behind Be Your OWN Photographer…

Dani Bachinger created her business, ‘Be Your Own Photographer’ due to increased interest from entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to handle their own Social Media accounts. People were getting fed up of having poor quality newsfeeds and were searching for affordable options in running their own accounts (in particular Instagram).

Initially, Dani was unable to pay a professional photographer to keep up with her daily posts, so she embarked on a steep learning journey, teaching herself all things Photography, Social Media Strategies, Website Building etc. Dani gathered all of her knowledge and condensed it all into bite sized but jam- packed workshops to help others.

Already skilled as a trainer (with a background as an IT Software Trainer), Dani was able to easily transform her skills into teaching Smartphone Photography Workshops.

Word of mouth quickly spread and Dani now spends her days delivering workshops and providing mini photo shoots for entrepreneurs keen to jazz up their Social Media sites.